Spotlight on Skinny: Directing research teams in Vietnam

This month, we caught up with Lien Phuong Tran (aka Skinny), Research Director at InsightAsia Vietnam, to discover more about the part she plays in delivering local market understanding and insights for clients in Vietnam.

Street Intercepts: Welcome to the real world

Gaining real, unfiltered insights into a culture or lifestyle is a crucial stage in the product development journey. That's why our qualitative user experience (UX) research teams have been out and about conducting street intercepts with clients.

What did we take away from the March M2 Marketing& Media meet?

Bringing key Vietnamese market trends to the forefront of attendees’ minds, the “M2 Marketing & Media Network” conference addressed how the changes in Vietnamese culture and economy will be reflected in consumer trends throughout 2017.

So, what were my main takeaways from the day?

Posted on April 3, 2017 and filed under News, Culture.

Catch up with our InsightAsia Influencers

Marketeers see the central role that social media influencers now play in shaping and curating the cutting edge of social opinion and brand perception. So, as part of our work at IA, we're connecting with a network of active and engaged influencers across SE Asia.