3Sixty: Mobile market research for a new age

The 3Sixty app is revolutionising market research. Find out how you can use it to connect with your customers and share their experiences in real time.

Let’s say you’re the brand manager for a dairy company. You want to better understand how the attitudes and behaviours of mums-to-be change before, during and after pregnancy. You’re looking for the best way to engage with your customers and decipher the wants and needs of their real daily lives.

Traditionally, market research relies on conventional data collection methods such as surveys, focus groups and workshops. But when it comes to creating a streamlined, intuitive dialogue with consumers, the 3Sixty mobile app revolutionises the way brands can communicate and gauge customer relations in real time.

What is 3Sixty?

3Sixty is a market research app for iPhone and Android developed by InsightAsia which strips away the barriers that conventional research methods place between brands and their audience.

It’s immersive, immediate and interactive, allowing you to gain a definitive understanding of the lifestyle your customers are enjoying, the choices they make and their reactions at the point of consumption.

The mobile platform is where your customers live. By bringing the conversation to them you create an even, easy dialogue to strengthen the relationship between your brand and the people who are enjoying what you create every day.

We observed the exponential increase of smart phone ownership across Asia, and realised that mobile would be the primary platform through which most Asians would access the Internet. We responded to this trend early on by developing our own mobile app, “3Sixty”, anticipating its significance for the market research business across Asia and globally.

We worked closely with top app developers in Thailand and India to develop a platform suitable for Asian markets. It has been enhanced and upgraded since and we now have a product we are proud and confident to deploy globally. It’s over three years since we started trialling version 1 of 3Sixty with a few early adopters in Asia. Today several multinationals are using 3Sixty solutions to connect with their customers across the region.
— InsightAsia CEO, Sajan Koch


3Sixty lets you see through the consumer’s eyes in real time. By letting them upload photos, audio and video to accompany their input you get a lucid picture of their daily lives and preferences.

Traditional market research produces answers which can be forced, staged and based on memory. 3Sixty lets you engage in a live conversation to understand the emotional and rational processes which inform a customer’s decision.


I downloaded all the data from the 3Sixty mobile diary before the Focus Group Discussions.

It was great to be able to access the mobile diary data daily, well ahead of the groups commencing, something we could not do with the old physical diary approach. This allowed us to start the follow up in depth exploration much better prepared, with more specific areas for probing.
— Stevinia Epin Market Research Executive, Nutrifood Indonesia

With typical surveys, while the data might be great, you’re often left wanting that little bit more exposition. Being given the answers you ask for is fantastic, but typical research methods are inflexible when you need to follow these answers up.

3Sixty opens up the floor and gives you the freedom to get more out of your research. You can easily explore the nuances and details of the data you’re given using interactive group chats and instant messaging. Unanticipated reactions can be further assessed with mini-questionnaires and follow-up questions mid-survey, making the research process truly intuitive.

Once data has been recorded, the app makes reviewing it a breeze. Our innovative data wall lets you glance over each and every response from individual respondents in as much detail as you need. It’s never been easier to analyse and export data to create relevant, contextual graphics.

Why use 3Sixty?

In any country, in any language, the beauty of the 3Sixty app lies in its versatility. The responsive, adaptable approach to market research it opens up allows you to reach out to customers wherever they are and in whatever way they’re engaging with you.

Research into products gets taken out of the lab and into the field. When you’re seeing how, where and when customers view your product in a real life context, data becomes more than just numbers on a graph. You’re getting a quantified, cast-iron snapshot of your position in the marketplace or even in customers’ own homes.

Most mobile apps I have seen in the global market fall short on the potential for qualitative interaction.

3Sixty offers the opportunity to provide our clients with a truly integrated, quantitative and qualitative research tool, turning customer research into a valuable two way conversation and, ultimately, a productive collaboration.
— Julian De Vries, 3Sixty Client Service at InsightAsia

For TV, radio and live events, dynamic market research gives your audience a voice by letting them vote on content and gamifies the experience. It empowers you with the intel you need to craft the best possible entertainment. You can see who they’re watching with and even what snacks they’re enjoying.

These are just two examples of how mobile market research can bring you unparalleled insight into users’ experience. You can chart where and when people see your printed marketing material by encouraging them to scan barcodes on posters. You can follow their path through the supermarket and understand the thought process behind each purchase.

Above all else, the data collected using 3Sixty is honest. It’s tied closely to the user experience, to the reality of their interaction and not recorded in a sterile environment based on a half-remembered purchase from weeks ago.

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Posted on February 12, 2015 and filed under Products and services.