Bhinneka Tunggal Ika: The hallmark of InsightAsia


Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, which translates to ‘unity in diversity’, is the official national motto of Indonesia. It can be traced back many years in Indonesian history, expressing the unity of its citizens regardless of ethnic, social, regional, linguistic or religious differences.

At InsightAsia, unity in diversity is a theme which permeates at every level of the company. Working at seven locations across Asia and delivering insights to clients based all over the globe means that inclusivity and diversity are central to our company culture.

So, what exactly does it mean to us as an organisation? This month, we spoke to team members across InsightAsia to really pin down the meaning of unity in diversity, and to discover how it plays a significant role in their day-to-day work.

Walking together

Jordan Suiatmoko, Senior Qualitative Research Manager at InsightAsia Indonesia, describes unity in diversity beautifully:

“Unity in diversity means a lot to me. It’s walking together in a clear direction to achieve the same goals, same purpose and absolutely to achieve the same dreams from diverse ideas, passions and aspirations.”

Uniting to work together, regardless of regional distance, is crucial at InsightAsia. This is because we all share the same passion and end goal: to deliver world-class market research to clients across the globe. Being flexible really helps us to do this, and we often use virtual technology to support communications throughout the company.

An ideal social phenomenon

“For me, unity in diversity is an ideal social phenomenon that I wish to see not only in Asia, but across the globe,” explains Hui Ying Lim, Qualitative Research Assistant at InsightAsia Malaysia.

“We have a variety of cultures, languages and religions all over the world, and we can only have a better life when everyone believes in the influence that unity has on our current and future generation,” she added.

By believing in the influence we have, and the positive changes we can make when we come together, we hope that uniting with a diverse range of individuals can have a positive impact both inside the InsightAsia office and outside of work.

Worldwide togetherness

Leonie Perry, Qualitative Research Executive at InsightAsia Indonesia, describes how her experience at our annual retreat changed her perspective when it comes to unity in diversity:

“Initially, unity in diversity made me think of Indonesia. Since I am Indonesian, this theme is related to me, but after the annual retreat I now see it in a completely different way. It’s wider than Indonesia, unity in diversity is relevant in Asia and even the whole world.

“At InsightAsia, the diversity comes from all the people who join the company,” she continued. “Different cultures, languages, habits and religions come to one place to celebrate unity and cherish each other.”

InsightAsia team

As a company, we bring together people from various cultures to work together on broad research projects, and embracing each other’s differences is crucial in this process so that we can deliver top results.

Leonie adds: “One more thing! I got the goosebumps when we sang and held hands in a circle at the Gala Dinner on our annual retreat. That was unity in diversity (even though I only knew the chorus!).”

The hallmark of IA

Confirming InsightAsia’s focus on unity in diversity, Paritsara Onsri, Senior Quantitative Research Executive at InsightAsia Thailand, adds:

“I’ve experienced the real meaning of unity in diversity after attending the annual retreat in Kuala Lumpur. There is such a great variety of InsightAsia team members from different countries, cultures, religions, politics, economic backgrounds and speaking different languages.

“Diversity really is the hallmark of InsightAsia. What is even more fascinating is the unity that waves together in the InsightAsia family. What keeps us all together through thick and thin is our passion to make InsightAsia a glorious company. We all respect each other’s opinions, we share the same goal and the same level of pride in our company.”

It is home

Embracing diversity and working together can create a warmer environment for employees, as Nam Luu, Business Development Manager at InsightAsia Vietnam explains:

“Unity in diversity, put simply, means a team or a group respecting each other’s differences. However, at InsightAsia, not only do people respect each other but they’re also friendly, supportive and trustful.”

The annual retreat at Port Dickson was a great example of this team spirit, and Nam Luu gave an insight into the experience.

“Erik, Debra, Soo Yean, Ana, Donna… these people are always smiling, and they listen to everyone’s different ideas respectfully. My colleagues are like my brothers and sisters, and all these things make me realise unity is neither a group nor a team. We aren’t just unity in diversity, we’re a home of diversity.”

The spice of life

Without diversity, explains Wei Sze Yow, Qualitative Research Assistant at InsightAsia Malaysia, the world would be a dull place:

“To me, university in diversity means that everyone is the same, but also different. We are the same because we’re all humans. We are different because we practice different cultures.

“Without all these cultures, life would be dull and boring. We would all be the same. With all these different cultures, unity becomes increasingly important. When we unite with other cultures, we become stronger and we know much more than when we were alone.”


Juthamas Paewvat, Senior Qualitative Research Manager at InsightAsia Thailand, highlights the importance of collaboration:

“At InsightAsia, you can be yourself and be open to other perspectives too. So, unity in diversity means that collaboration will be even stronger, as it supports open individualism which can drive a team forward.”

InsightAsia team

Collaboration is built upon making strong connections with your team, and having a good understanding of each other’s differences. By understanding one another, knowing each other’s skills, opinions and perspectives, we can combine the different skills and experiences we all have to give to deliver the best possible results in our work.

Duong Xuong Dat, Quantitative Research Executive at InsightAsia Vietnam, explains how this helps us at InsightAsia:

“Developing strong connections and a good understanding of each other among teams, not just one group, is really important. Different parties may have different functionalities, such as doing Qualitative or Quantitative research.

“However, the key is to be able to work and collaborate really well together when needed. That’s what unity in diversity is all about.”

To see unity in diversity in action, take a look at the pictures from our recent team trip to Port Dickson, Malaysia. Get in touch today to find out how the diverse, collaborative team can help drive your company’s growth.