Case study: Assessing the demand for a new theatre in Thailand

The brief


This study was to assess the potential for a new tourist attraction in Pattaya, Thailand by evaluating KAAN Theatre project's new concept: 'a hybrid of live action and cinema, stage performance and world-class technology.'

By identifying occupation rate and intentions to visit, the goal was to work out whether the new KAAN Theatre project could become a new ICON in Pattaya.

The outcome of this study was critical to the success of the theatre's opening.

Our approach

Using both Qualitative and Quantitative research methods, we began by developing an understanding with the supplier side.


Conducting depth interviews with travel agents, we were able to assess Thailand visitor behaviour, itineraries and the demand for attractions like KAAN Theatre in the industry.

Next, we carried out 500 regular interviews with tourists from different countries. From this, we were able to assess the demand for the KAAN Theatre project by examining tourists' needs, expectations and intentions to visit this new concept of theatre. 

The output

The research findings supported the client to develop a marketing strategy which helped raise awareness of the new theatre. This strategy included what sources of media to use to help build awareness of the project, the kind of content to put out and exactly who they should be targeting with the marketing.

Thai theatre

The study also uncovered how to best attract the target tourist audience, as well as which targets KAAN Theatre should prioritise.

One year on, in 2017, the new concept of theatre is open, and KAAN Theatre have received some really positive feedback!

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