Decoding consumer consumption need states out-of-home for Nestlé


Find out how InsightAsia’s advanced methodologies and deep knowledge of Asian cultures is helping a global giant unlock unmet consumer beverage opportunities across Malaysia and Singapore…

The food service industry is currently enjoying a global renaissance. Whether in restaurants, cafes or at increasingly popular street food stalls, more people are dining outside of their homes than ever.

As in many other corners of the business world, Asia is holding the torch for progress. In 2014, the consumer spend on out-of-home dining across Japan, Korea, Greater China and Southeast Asia was valued at a staggering 1,667 billion US dollars! 

But the sizeable Asian foodservice industry is also a hugely complex one with incalculable different cuisines, beverage options and culinary traditions across a breadth of consumption points from street vendors to Michelin starred restaurants and every type of operator in between. To turn information into insight, you need an eye for the fine details on a more localized scale.

What did we do?

Routine and habit very often account for the ways in which families stock their cupboards, but in the out of home context, settings, spontaneity, behavior and expectations are a dramatically greater factor. Focusing on consumption out of home invites a very different approach. 

To help unlock insights behind what drives consumer consumption out-of-home in this rapidly-shifting digital environment, Nestlé Professional engaged InsightAsia and were the first to use our 3Sixty app

Unlike traditional diaries, 3Sixty is ideally suited to capturing live, in-the-moment data allowing us to gather stimuli as seen through the eyes of our consumers – as good as being at the table interacting with them.  Understanding their decision triggers behind their beverage choices, a new dimension of depth is added with respondents happily capturing the moment with photo’s and captions. 

Understanding those key consumer need state triggers allowed Nestlé to delve into the intuitive connections between beverage choices and beverage destination points, bringing insights to a new level of granularity. 

What was the result?

An in-depth appreciation of consumer beverage need states and decision triggers allowed Nestlé to take a uniquely dominant position in in-office refreshments to the successful launch of Nestlé Sjora, a healthy refreshment beverage made from natural fruit juices and milk and uniquely, a product that’s only available in foodservice establishments.

InsightAsia can bring this same level of detail and proven results to your business. Contact us today and let us help you find the difference between information and insight.