Digging deeper with your market research: Enter the Thinking Room

Thinking Room

Our Thinking Room tool is the online bulletin board that lets your research teams get the most out of your respondents.

Here, we explore the successful applications of this distinctive approach.

At InsightAsia, we view customising market research design as a fine art.

Like a chef balancing ingredients and seasonings to dish up something tasty, we’re constantly perfecting our recipe for getting the right interactions and the best flow of conversation.

We also relish a challenge. Tricky target profiles, sensitive discussion topics and big strategic questions invite a multi-faceted approach if you want to dig deeper than just the ‘nice to know’ and reach actual insight. With that in mind, we keep a keen eye on the tools we’re using to get there.

Welcome to the Thinking Room

We’ve been developing, using and refining the Thinking Room, our online bulletin board, for over five years. It’s a simple, user-friendly digital tool used for customer collaboration, idea generation and reflection on qualitative assignments.

Thinking Room screenshot

Compatible with iOS and Android devices, it allows focus groups and depth interviews to gather even more data in more formats than ever before, as well as working as an efficient and effective scoping tool in its own right.

There’s also a huge level of customisation available. Project teams can access recorded activity and interact with participants while the study is in progress. It can even be skinned to reflect the desired look and feel of any given project.

Key features of the Thinking Room include:

  • The capability to run simultaneously across multiple markets.
  • Customisable interactions which can run for whatever length of time you like.
  • Two-way sharing of both image and video stimuli.
  • The ability to isolate participants from the discussion, group them however you need and then bring them all back together if desired.

When should you use our Thinking Room tool?

An online bulletin board like the Thinking Room comes into its own when the topic you’re exploring needs careful and considered reflection on an individual basis. It gives you a personal, upfront perspective untainted by the self-consciousness of a group environment.

We’ve used this approach to help us decode what beauty means in various cultures, spotting patterns and exploring key themes. We’ve also scoped out what kind of talent appeals in different countries, refining the stimuli we then choose to examine in more detail.

Working with time-pressed professionals like chefs and medical personnel is made easy by the flexible mobile format. We’ve had enthusiastic responses from those who want to contribute to a research project but are prevented from doing so by their busy schedules. By letting them choose the moment they can share and contribute, we inevitably collect more data of a better quality.

It’s also a fantastic tool for engaging with creatives. Giving a more creative brain the space and time to develop concepts on their own terms makes the Thinking Room a powerful collaboration tool for generating ideas. We’ve had design sketches, branding ideas and mood boards uploaded, in fact it’s like having an extended creative team behind the scenes!

Thinking room screenshot 2

Bespoke market research from InsightAsia

The Thinking Room is just one of the arsenal of tools we’ve been successfully employing across Southeast Asia. It’s perfect for capturing the considered opinions before follow-up focus groups, but perhaps you need something more immediate? It allows respondents free reign to express their opinions, but do your requirements mean they’d benefit from more direct guidance?

Whatever your market research needs, InsightAsia can help. Contact us or connect on LinkedIn to discuss the number of ways we can help your brand make the jump from information to insight.