Getting to know Thailand: Key country facts

This month we’re focusing on market research in Thailand, home to 1,430 islands and the world's most visited city, Bangkok.

Want to learn more about Thailand? We’ve put together this handy fact sheet to help you get to know the country better…

Country facts


Official name: Kingdom of Thailand

Form of government: Constitutional monarchy

Capital: Bangkok

Population: 68,741,401

Official language: Thai

Currency: Baht

Area: 513,115 square kilometers (198,115 square miles)



  • Number of regions: 6 (North, North East, East, West, Central and South)
  • Number of provinces: 76
  • Number of ampur or districts: 878
  • Number of tambon or sub-districts: 7,255

Population breakdown

Thailand population

People and culture


About 90% of the people in Thailand are Buddhist, but about three million Muslims live in the South near the border with Malaysia.

Internet usage

Internet speed - 11.7 Mbps (2nd in ASEAN)

Internet coverage - 90% of total Thailand

Number of internet users - 47 million (63% access the internet via mobile phone)

Average time spent on the internet - 4.18 hours per day

Social media usage

  • Facebook - 41 million users with 700,000 pages
  • Twitter - 5.3 million users, with 1.2 million active users
  • Instagram - 7.8 million users, with one million active users
  • Line - 33 million users


Most downloaded apps:


1. Joox Music
3. Pokemon Go
4. Messenger
5. Facebook
6. YouTube
7. Instagram
8. Camera360
9. Google Maps

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