"There's always a reason to smile": What were our highlights of 2016?

From discovering the science behind the sensory experience of handwashing clothes, to researching the meaning of design and getting inspiration from Pokémon Go, what have the InsightAsia team been up to this year - and what are they looking forward to in 2017?

Yudan Sugiharto

Yudan Sugiharto, InsightAsia Indonesia

This year we spent more time exploring non-metropolitan areas.

We have been out and about to user homes in second and third-tier cities in Sumatra and Java to get a more intimate understanding of lifestyles and needs.

It’s been great to learn how each region has its own unique needs and perspectives; from needs in managing money to even needs in delivering to their political aspirations.

There are huge opportunities for how the internet and technology can reach out to these non-metropolitan areas and help everyday lives of Indonesians.

#DesignWithEmpathy #WeDontAllLiveInLargeCities

Quocdung Nguyen (Dzung)

Quocdung Nguyen (Dzung), InsightAsia Singapore

Have you ever heard about Dhobi Ghat in Mumbai?

Have you ever imagined how wonderful it is doing the laundry?

No or never?

Actually it's not boring at all!

I have been on a fascinating journey this year to explore not only the culture, but also the sensory science behind handwashing clothes.

After intensive training and practising we succeeded in establishing a benchmark panel. Our Indian panellists have become qualified to use their sensory skills – ‘magic hands’ – to tell us a very interesting story about diverse dimensions attributed to laundry products.

I love helping clients understand how their products perform and evoke different sensory perceptions; but most importantly turning that learning into action.

#KnowYourProductsBetter #ImproveProductsImproveLives #CapturingAmazingInsights

Farah Meutia, InsightAsia

Farah Meutia, InsightAsia Indonesia

I am on a mission to make research more fun and engaging for participants.

Mobile ethnographies and online communities should encourage people to share and have fun at the same time.

An approach I especially loved this years was when we took respondents on a ‘gaming journey’.

Inspired by the highly popular Pokemon Go game launched in 2016, we motivated people to ‘Hunt, Find and Catch’ their special moments. The response rate was amazing!

#ThinkOutsideTheBox #ResearchIsFun

MAdeline Regalia, InsightAsia

Madeline Regalia, InsightAsia Philippines

I have loved spending time with our client teams out in the field, showing them real life in Manila, Cebu, Iloilo and the other provinces we've been to this year. I have had a blast helping them understand Pinoy habits and some of our peculiarities!

The brilliant part was working as one agency-client team, having fun while under enormous project time pressures, jointly focused and working together as one team to get the job done.

I'm looking forward to welcoming more international client teams to the Philippines next year to help them experience all the biz opportunities this amazing country has to offer!

Umaasa po kami na kayo'y makadaupang palad sa lalong madaling panahon. 

#OneTeam #MoreHeadsMoreBrains #MoreFun

Wasupol Tresopako

Wasupol Tresopako (Eak) InsightAsia Thailand

Every time I see a hint of a smile, that’s my cue to explore a little further to get beyond the surface and reveal underlying attitudes hopes and fears.

In Thailand we believe there is always a reason to smile. We put a smile on our face to show everything is fine and under control, even when facing challenges!

We warmly welcome partners and clients to the land of smiles and look forward to helping you fulfil your Thai brand and marketing ambitions throughout 2017.

สุขสันต์วันปีใหม่ #LandOfSmiles #AlwaysAReasonToSmile #DiscoverMore

Marjolein Winkelman, InsightAsia

Marjolein Winkelman InsightAsia UK

It has been a year of plane-hopping all over Asia for me; lots of spice, loads of variety; from chatting with small business owners about online advertising in Thailand, hanging out with Vietnamese students to understand their aspirations for studying overseas, to conducting in-home cooking observations in rural Myanmar.

There is so much to learn by being there on the ground working with my local colleagues to really get to grips with why people do what they do and think what they think. 2017 bring it on!

#LoadsToDiscoverAndUnderstand #Anthropology #CulturalImmersion #ChallengeWhatYouThinkYouKnow

Tran Lien Phuong, InsightAsia

Tran Lien Phuong (LP / Skinny) InsightAsia Vietnam

A project about Design Studies for an international university here in Vietnam has inspired me.

I talked to many well-known graphic designers, film makers, directors, producers, illustrators, cartoonists and screen writers about the meaning of design, its applications and developments.

I was thrilled by what they shared with me and decided to participate in an online design course to develop my own skills. This has helped me ‘visualize my stories’ a lot more easily without having to write too much!

For me, doing research is not only about helping our clients learn and grow their brands, but also discovering what we ourselves can do to learn, stay sharp and make our lives more interesting!

#LiveLoveAndLearnEveryday #KeepHunting #BeautifyResearch #DoWhatYouLove

Keat Long Lim

Keat Long Lim, InsightAsia Malaysia

Hasn’t 2016 been a crazy year?

For me it’s been an exciting rollercoaster; doing brainteasing quantitative analytics in Malaysia and beyond, facing some interesting data crunching challenges with my team to inform brand strategies.

Where’s 2017 going to take us?

For sure, interesting statistics will be a big part of it...

#JoinTheJourney #Visualisingdata #BePartOf2017Excitement #GeeksUnite

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