Keeping ahead of the curve: InsightAsia’s online staff coaching

Online coaching

Continuous learning is an essential trait which we encourage our research teams to embrace at InsightAsia. Discover how we've been training our teams to make sure we keep ahead in a dynamic and fast-moving industry.

We’re working in a dynamic industry and a rapidly evolving consumer context, meaning we need to quickly grasp and understand emerging attitudes, behaviours and aspirations from all walks of life, all while keeping up to speed with new research methods and techniques.

Back in January and February, InsightAsia’s international team designed and piloted an online coaching programme for research teams to provide weekly bitesize inspiration on ‘Moving from data and observation into action and impact!” The programme consisted of a weekly 40-minute lecture on Google Hangouts by our International Director, Claire.

This was followed by 20 minutes of interactive discussion and exercises. The coaching programme ran for five weeks in a regular end of day slot in Asia - morning in Europe. Google Hangouts coped pretty well with all our chatter!

We used Trello as our training platform to enable us to easily share inspirational articles, videos and homework as well as serve as a cosy place to discuss and table questions virtually.

Trello worked beautifully as a collaboration tool. We designed and customised our Trello collaboration board to showcase the training themes across five weeks, upload further reading and video related to each theme in their relevant ‘buckets’, and created chat boxes for ongoing discussion and questions.

The course was structured into 5 thought provoking coaching themes:

Online staff coaching
  • Why do we get paid to do what we do?
  • Making the GREAT leap – from researcher to consumer insight expert
  • Moving from findings to learnings and recommendations that our clients truly value
  • Because good isn’t good enough…. Delivering with Impact!
  • It’s a wrap! – Viewing participant vlogs showcasing impactful delivery of research insights and programme quizzes to reinforce and internalise key learning points.

Reactions from our brave Indonesian pilot participants, Eka, Merary and Leonie were encouraging…

“Each session covered relevant topics that we experience daily in our work. It refreshed our mind and gave new perspective on how we can do things differently. The homework assignments put us in the real situation and gave us the opportunity to practice in each session. I really appreciated the feedback on the homework assignments, so we can understand how to improve ourselves. The coaching sessions encouraged us to be involved during the discussion and through the assignment making this training very interactive and rewarding.”
— Merary
“This coaching programme enriched and enlightened me. It inspired new knowledge out of what we usually do in autopilot mode in our day-to-day activity. It also helped me to find a clearer purpose on what kind of marketing researcher I aspire to be. My favourite bits were the interactive sessions, it was fun and there was a real example or case to play with.”
— Leonie
“I am happy with the themes that we covered in this coaching programme. Research Expert made me re-think my role and encouraged me to improve myself. I am inspired to think more commercially and deliver business-centric solutions. Defining Insight was thought provoking and very useful, especially the importance of differentiating insight from findings or observation. Storytelling helps me to find a way to make a better structured and more impactful debrief. The homework before session four was great. I tried to apply the learning for my recent proposal and debrief and it was very helpful.”
— Eka

We plan to roll out and repeat the programme across other InsightAsia offices in our quest to ensure we are continually improving our skills and the value of our research for our clients. Maju Terus!

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