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Marketeers are becoming increasingly aware of the need to connect with social media influencers. At InsightAsia, we’re working with a network of active and engaged influencers across Southeast Asia, who are at the forefront of shaping and curating social opinion and brand perception.

So meet Amy and Aisya, two of our IA Influencers. Amy is a student in Saigon, Aisya a young mum in Jakarta, and both are passionate about the lives they lead. They don’t just share their experiences with their followers, but want to be role models for them too; people their followers can look up to. 

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Amy Tran

  • Youtube vlogger
  • Instagrammer
  • Saigon

#student #positiveinspiration #beautifulworld #travel #music #lovinglife 

Amy Tran is a student and an inspiration. Still a teenager - she turns 19 soon - Amy is a natural on Youtube, creating stylish and fun travelogues with seemingly effortless ease.

Amy also loves to share the adventures of her daily life with her peer group. "I'll post anything that interests me - how my life's going, where I've been, things I've done. For me, there's so much to explore! I want to try different things and work out who I am."

It's this energy and love of life that makes Amy so popular. "I think people like that I will try things and be honest about what's going on. I don't feel the need to follow the crowd." 

For Amy, sharing on social media also comes with a sense of responsibility. She loves the idea that she might be making someone's day better, and so tries to post positive images, beautiful photos and inspirational stories.

What's trending for Amy? "There's a Korean filter that everyone's using for their photos at the moment, it gives a soft and dreamy look that is popular right across Asia. And minimalism is still the look to go for. It's been around for over a year now but people still want simple, bold colours and a clean, uncluttered image."

Amy is studying professional communication and would love to go into advertising when she graduates. Five years from now? "I'd love to be working in one of the creative industries. And, of course, having a good life!"

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Aisya Fadhila

  • Instagrammer
  • Jakarta

#supermum #supermodel #parenting #breastfeeding #fashion #makeup #lookinggoodandhavingitall

Aisya Fadhila is a supermum on a mission. Passionate about issues that matter to her as a parent, Aisya is campaigning to raise awareness of the importance of breastfeeding among new mums. “Breast feeding babies reduces the risk of obesity, a key concern right now across the world. It also gives inner peace and happiness.”

Aisya is also a fashion model who is used to life in the spotlight. She started modelling at the age of twelve and loves to share news of make-up, clothes, and style - a world that she has been a part of for as long as she can remember.

Now 28 and married for five years with two young children, she's juggling the demands of career and family. "Family changes everything," says Aisya, "but I want to show that young mothers can have it all. I love my children, my work and my husband! Life can be about everything."

What's trending for Aisya? "The hijab is such a big thing now" she says, "and it reflects my faith and aspirations. I'm not trying to persuade anyone, though. This is just my identity, my religion and something I'm proud of."

Aisya is very media savvy. She is already making money through her product reviews and endorsements, and she wants to grow her online presence by promoting her positive lifestyle and campaigning for young mums everywhere.

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