Mobile live streaming: Your research, as it happens

Our qualitative research teams often work as cultural guides for international clients, helping them develop a deeper appreciation and understanding of the Asian living context, usage habits and everyday life.

Understanding how culture affects attitudes, preferences and behaviour plays a critical role in unlocking new opportunities for product development and design.

To help our clients get a first-hand feel for real life in the back streets, homes and shops of Asia, we’ve been trialling mobile live streaming with our technology partners, HT Development.

This is a fantastic and affordable resource for remote client teams. Imagine the possibilities for UX research teams sitting in Silicon Valley while watching live cultural immersions to inspire their design thinking, or FMCG consumer insight teams getting a live appreciation of the product usage context.

Moreover, live streaming in real time allows cross-functional design and development teams to play a more active role in the discovery process as it unfolds, rather than waiting patiently for heavily edited vox pop clips post-research.

Would you like to trial live mobile streaming on an upcoming ethnographic or cultural immersion project in Asia? We’d be happy to assist.

Contact Marjolein Winkleman, International Client Service Manager, or any of our local InsightAsia qualitative teams in Singapore, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City and Manila.