Outdoor advertising in Bangkok: Media mayhem or top creativity?

Bangkok BTS SkyTrain

InsightAsia’s International Director, Claire Koch, takes a ride on Bangkok’s BTS SkyTrain network and wonders… Is this outdoor media mayhem or creative and effective use of place and space?

Commuting on the Bangkok BTS last week I was intrigued to observe not only the proliferation of outdoor media, but also the deliberate repetitive placement and cross site synchronisation of static and digital kit.

The BTS Group media arm, VGI, is responsible for managing all the advertising space on the BTS SkyTrain network, including stations and trains. Primary products include in-train LCDs, train wraps, and on-station static and digital media. It claims to have a daily market reach of 7.6 million persons per day!

Mobile programmatic advertising maybe where all the excitement & hot money is these days, but on the Bangkok BTS one is reminded of the innovative and creative possibilities of outdoor media to garner millions of commuting eyeballs. Although there is still no trusted ROI measurement for out-of-home (OOH) advertising, there is no escaping its popularity in Bangkok and the ad spends are reported to be on a strong uptrend.

Take a peep at my BTS snaps to get a flavour of the Bangkok OOH landscape...

AIA using every wall, walkway, stairwell and pillar as their campaign trail. There is no escape, AIA accompanies your stroll from sidewalk to ticket booth and platform.

If your ogling is not distracted by one smooth Seiko gent, no worries, he soon becomes an entire landscape and you may be forgiven for wondering if you are suffering from triple vision!

Ever felt alarmed by weirdly relevant pop ups in your Facebook feed? Well the Bangkok BTS delivers an equally unnerving sensation of your eyeballs being tailed! See the R9 Mobile billboard? Yikes…. now there it is again at the ticket barrier!

Repetitive display deals are clearly a popular package. It’s as if the striking Lays Potato Crisp billboard knows it can trigger a snack attack while you stroll… there it is on the stairwell, down a few more steps, turn the corner and there it is again, right across your horizon… peckish yet?

Bored queuing up for the train and don’t have your nose in your own screen? No worries there are plenty of other screens to capture your day dreaming gaze. A rolling reel of static ads at the platform barriers sync in real time with overhead platform digital, reinforcing their offers at both short and long distance!

And don’t be tricked into thinking you can give the eyeballs a rest once you board the train. Here comes the ‘Lazada Express’...

Finally, if repetitive 2D OOH isn’t your thing, check out these creative 3D installations.

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