Saving the day: InsightAsia’s Annual Company Retreat in Port Dickson

Working for InsightAsia involves a lot of hard work and dedication… but also some fantastic perks!

Port Dickson

Every year, we have a company retreat, which brings together our teams from Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines for a few days of inspiration and relaxation.

This year, we planned to spend our annual retreat in beautiful Bali. After closely monitoring the Agung Volcano situation though, we had to decide to put the team’s safety and peace of mind first and change our plans.

Rather than feeling disheartened though, our Regional Talent Manager Ameera Linda was quick to act, and with the support of Lyn Xiao and Siswanto Then, undertook a huge last-minute logistics exercise, changing hotels and travel arrangements for our whole team.

Their work has paid off though, and the trip location has now been changed to Port Dickson in Malaysia within the space of a week!

Whether we fancy a relaxing dip in the pool or an enjoyable steam session to rest and rejuvenate after a fun-filled day, the Lexis Hibiscus Hotel has it all, and we’re really grateful and excited to be heading there very soon!

And that’s not to say we have to kiss goodbye to our Bali venue altogether! Linda and the team have also managed to negotiate with the hotel to postpone the Balinese retreat until next year… so that’s something else for us all to look forward to!

Despite an immense amount of pressure and time constraints, thanks to the team’s hard work we’re all smiling and ready for a few days of relaxation. Maya Notodisurjo summed their dedication up perfectly in her response to the team’s quick turnaround:

“Superb Linda and team! You’ve done magic that gave Sangkuriang – the guy in the Indonesian legend who built a mountain and lake in one night – a hard time. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

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