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InsightAsia saying NO to single use plastic

InsightAsians are on a mission to spotlight, educate and act against indiscriminate use of single use plastic. We think the biggest threat to humanity & beautiful Asia is the irreversible damage plastic waste is creating to our rivers, beaches, oceans and aquatic life. With the poor and sometimes non-existent waste management infrastructure across emerging Asia, plastic and non-compostable garbage is having a catastrophic impact.

InsightAsia Thailand Team Photo.jpg

Our Thai team are already on the case. Inspired by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment’s slogan: เปลี่ยนโลกสดใส ลดใช้ถุงพลาสติก. Direct translation – ‘Make the world better, use less plastic bags’, InsightAsia Thailand made sure they enjoyed a plastic free ‘play date’ together at Kanchanaburi.

To support the government initiative to use fewer plastic bags, our Thai team used reusable cloth bags during their recent team away day. The cloth bags are made from organic material that is biodegradable. Perfect for work, play and all future shopping trips!

We are taking baby steps to speak up & act on how we consume, use and dispose of plastic at work and home. We are also hungry to support research initiatives pro bono for this cause.

Contact us today if you would like our support with researching how to educate and change attitudes on waste management and plastic usage. Together we can create a new norm!

Managing multi-country projects: Where in the world?

How do we manage market research projects in different locations, cultures and time zones across Asia, all while ensuring we deliver high-quality results to our clients? We caught up with Wendy Lim, Senior Qualitative Research Manager at InsightAsia, to find out!

GDPR: Protecting our client data at InsightAsia

At InsightAsia, we always strive to correctly secure survey data, safeguard our respondent identities and protect client confidentiality.

Find out how we'll be ensuring client, consumer and employee data is fully protected ahead of new EU data protection laws.

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