UX research training: How InsightAsia Philippines are staying ahead

Manila UX research training

Over the past few years, we've seen an immense increase in research projects with user experience (UX) elements. These are usually exciting and refreshing projects to be working on for our local teams across Asia.

At InsightAsia, we are always aiming to ensure we don't just provide plain information, but that we provide our clients with relevant and actionable business insights. 

For that reason, the InsightAsia team in the Philippines went through an UX research training programme by Christine Balatbat, Co-founder of UXPH, certified Designer and Researcher.

Eloi Rivera (Qualitative Research Director, InsightAsia Philippines) commented: 

"The training is in preparation for the UX certification by Q4 of this year. This session was to ensure the Philippines team has the competencies and level of preparation required for the transition."

As market researchers, our main focus is being able to understand human needs and translate these to useful products and services. The Philippines InsightAsia team feels a great desire to be where its expertise will be of more meaning and use - the digital space where everyone is headed towards. 

Soon, the other local InsightAsia teams will follow suit and get officially certified as UX researchers. Exciting times ahead!