UX Spotlight: Farah Meutia

At InsightAsia, one of the ways we help bring value to our clients’ work is through our understanding of user experience (UX) research. With mobile penetration in Asia fast approaching the point of market saturation, coupled with the rise of ecommerce, it’s never been more vital for brands to craft a user-friendly, impactful digital experience.

Asian UX expertise and training

Our qualitative research teams across Asia have been working with several US-led UX teams, bringing local cultural understanding and market sensitivities to help inspire their design thinking.

To help our researchers work more effectively in the UX field we are investing in accredited UX training courses.

February 24th saw Farah Meutia, Qualitaive Manager InsightAsia Indonesia, attend the first of six UX workshops spread throughout the year, run by experience design service providers, UXIndonesia.

We caught up with Farah to hear more about her impressions of the course so far. Farah has extensive qualitative research experience in Indonesia and enjoys applying her skills to UX assignments. For Farah, the goal lies in aligning her ‘researcher’s hat’ with the latest developments affecting what engineers and developers need from their UX research.

By developing her understanding of user interface design, Farah comes to understand the unique issues affecting a developer’s job, the pain points, and how her own UX research can better address those issues.

Perfecting our UX knowledge

What did she learn? A great deal, both tips she can bring to her work directly, and a broader perspective on how her role fits into the design and development process. Highlights include finding out that:

  • UX is on the rise, both in Indonesia and globally. By studying this precise point at which technology and people meet, we develop a deeper understanding of both.
  • The crossover potential is enormous between UX research and the broader market research scene. UX principles developed with digital products in mind can be applied to physical products.
  • The global UX community is enormous and vocal. By staying in touch online and meeting face-to-face at events like this, an enormous amount of work is being done behind the scenes to push our understanding of the field.

Ultimately, she gained a much deeper understanding of the multiple roles performed by a UX researcher. In effect, it’s nearly two jobs rolled into one.

On the one hand, you’re always looking for ways of eliminating any frustration or difficulty consumers may have with a product, making sure the experience delights them. On the other hand, you’re serving as a translator for the consumer’s point of view, relaying that to an engineering or design team to inform them about possible improvements.

Investing in our people is important to us; it allows us to provide a better service, which in turn helps our clients develop better products. We can’t wait to hear what else Farah might pick up over the course of the remaining workshops.

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