Vietnam researcher training: Analysis and Interpretation

This month, our International Director Claire joined the Vietnam team to run a researcher training session on Analysis and Interpretation.

Vietnam research training

Top tips from the training:

1. Be fastidious about organising your data.

2. Make sure you know your data inside out - reimmerse.

3. Sift and sort through data for patterns, similarities, differences - there are no short cuts!

4. Revisit your objectives, working hypotheses and client inputs. Keep these front of mind throughout the research and analysis journey.

5. Stand back and reexamine the emerging themes in your date in relation to the client objectives.

6. Build your argument and supporting evidence to answer the client objectives.

7. Move from findings into illumination, inspiration, and actions.

8. Distill into a clear, convincing and impactful story. Make sure the story connects the dots and helps move the client thinking forward.

Questions to keep in mind when analysing your data:

  • What patterns/common themes emerge around specific items in the data? 
  • How do these patterns (or lack thereof) help to shed light on the broader study question(s)?
  • Are there any deviations from these patterns? If, yes, what factors could explain these atypical responses?
  • What interesting stories emerge from the data? 
  • How can these stories help to shed light on the broader study question?
  • Do any of the patterns/emergent themes suggest that additional data needs to be collected?
  • Do any of they study questions need to be revised?
  • Do the patterns that emerge support the findings of other corresponding qualitative analyses that have been conducted?

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