3Sixty: An easy-to-use mobile app capturing in-home and out-of-home product usage moments of truth, in real time.

No need for messy diary submissions or memory based recalls.

For more information head to www.3SixtyResearch.com

Test Drive: Our integrated qual and quant advertising pre-testing methodology.

We evaluate new communication, its potential impact and ability to perform as intended.

It provides key diagnostics on each element in addition to recommendations for optimisation.

ROMI: Our advanced analytics approach to measuring marketing expenditure and return.

ROMI modeling (using Janus) is a method which links distinct marketing activities to sales to understand the relationship between the two on a short and long-term basis.

thinking room

Thinking Room: Our online qualitative research platform. 

A user-friendly interface which provides the opportunity to engage with consumers in the comfort of their own home over an extended period of time through forum debate, direct engagement and journals.



Playdate: A group methodology developed specifically for children.

Three friendship pairs interact in a less structured and ‘fun’ setting. Two  specially trained researchers elicit information and generate insight from children through inviting them to participate in games and ‘play’ in an environment in which they feel comfortable and happy to express themselves.

talk over tea

Talk Over Tea: A methodology we have developed designed to capture consumer stories and empower respondents to ‘extend the narrative’ of an initial idea or insight.

These may be expressed as real stories or sharing of approaches and scenarios.  

Sessions are informal and respondents are encouraged to tell their tales and experiences, not explain them.