We are big enough to have a meaningful presence region-wide, but small enough to ensure a personal level of service


Innovation: We use a mix of ‘traditional’ and new methodologies in our research design. We’ve invested in online and mobile research technologies to ensure you have access to the most current means of collecting data – constantly adapting, shaping and creating to provide you with the most appropriate and exciting methodologies.

Flexibility: We know that 'one size does not fit all' in the world of insights and research. We look at each brief with fresh eyes and aim to accommodate your needs in terms of geography, budget and timing.

Approachability: We have over 120 multilingual staff across the region who are happy to listen to your needs and work collaboratively to develop the best research solution for you.


Brains: We hire staff with the ability to think around an issue, to question convention and to explore possibilities. Your output is only as good as the quality of thought that goes into it, even from before the briefing stage, so we invest in staff development and training to ensure that the thinkers are able to flourish.

rigour flair

Rigour and flair: Quality research is born from rigour in design, moderation, analysis and strategy. We invest in these core skills which form the foundations that allow truly inspired thinking to happen.


Dedication: An experienced researcher leads each project, supported by a tight team to ensure that each client's business has the level of senior expertise and service it deserves.